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Furniture Removal in London

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

In a big city like London, people are moving in and out of it all the time. Furniture removal in London is a common service that is frequently needed. You may be able to move smaller personal items by yourself but when it comes to moving furniture, that may require the services of a professional.

There are many removal companies in North London and many removal companies in South London that specialize in moving furniture. Quick Movers is just one example of such a company. They have the manpower to quickly carry your furniture out of your apartment or house, put it on a moving truck, and transport it to your final destination. If you need to relocate the furniture in your office, they can perform this service as well.

Do not be a stubborn or cheap person by thinking you can do all the moving work yourself. Furniture is very heavy and if you aren’t physically equipped to carry it, then you could end up hurting yourself. Not only that, moving furniture is a team effort. You would not at least 1 or 2 other people to assist you in carrying the furniture. If you don’t have people like this to help you, then moving furniture will be virtually impossible. Professionals do this kind of work all the time and they will be fast and efficient the whole time.

Quick Movers is one of the best removal companies in London. They offer moving vans of all different sizes for moving your furniture and other items. Your choices are a small van, large van, extra-large van, and Luton van. Depending on the number of furniture pieces being moved, you should probably choose either the Luton van or extra-large van. The rates for the extra-large van start at 35£ per hour and the rates for the Luton van are 40£ per hour. If you need a man and van in London cheap, these rates are reasonable enough.

These furniture moving services are available in many neighborhoods and districts in London. Some of these areas include Batch, Bristol, Cambridge, Colchester, Manchester, Leeds, Norwich, Oxford, and Southampton. There are no additional charges imposed if there are traffic jams or delays. Each moving van comes with its own blankets, trolley, and straps to make moving so much easier. A free price quote is available during your initial appointment with the moving specialists of the company. They won’t necessarily charge you more for moving furniture. Instead, they base their price on whatever fits in the van size you chose.

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1 Comment

Great and Amazing services in moving my furniture.

I strongly recommend Quick Movers Company for a carefully removal and transporting of large items to any location.

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