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Our Vans and Prices 

What Size Removals Van Will I Need?
Select your van size , and get your quote in 60 sec. 

Small Van 



2,2 cubic meters (m3)

Lenght : 1.27m / 3.50 ft

Height : 1.20m / 3.50 ft

Width : 1.49m / 4.79 ft

Ideal for luggage or parcel move.  3-4 boxes, few bags or small shop pick up and delivery ect.

Inside Meansuments : Loading area

Medium Van 



Ideal for small move - few boxes, few suitcases, bags and small items like single bed, washing machine, dryer and shop pick up and delivery.

Inside Meansuments : Loading area

5,8 cubic meters (m3)

Lenght : 2.37m / 7.77 ft

Height : 1.45m / 4.75 ft

Width : 1.70m / 5.69 ft



Large Van capable of containing anywhere up to 30 medium sized boxes, roughly enough to fill a shed. If you want to include big pieces of furniture you'll have to subtract the implied space from the number of boxes. So if you want to include a washing machine, that would be about 5 less boxes. 

Large Van 

Inside Meansuments : Loading area

10,4 cubic meters (m3)

Lenght : 3.37m / 11.15 ft

Height : 1.80m / 5.90 ft

Width : 1.70m / 5.69 ft

Extra Large Van 



If you're somewhere between transporting a few belongings and a full-on move the Extra Large Van cloud be right for you. Often favoured by people leaving a studio flat or cleaning out furniture from garage. Our ExL Van is capable of simultaneously transporting plenty of boxes as well as larger household items. 

Inside Meansuments : Loading area

14,5 cubic meters (m3)

Lenght : 4.50m / 14.91 ft

Height : 1.90m / 6.29 ft

Width : 1.70m / 5.69 ft

Luton Van 



If an Extra Large Van isn't quite enough then the 3,5 tone Luton Van cloud be a safer option. Ideal for those with a fairly large load to move, the vehicle is capable of transporting 20-25 medium size boxes, alongside a washing machine, fridge freezer, microwave, 2-seater sofa, up to 2 armchairs, double bed, a set of cabinets/drawers, large TV, and dinning table complete with 6 chairs. Many 1 and 2 bedroom flat owners ( and sometimes house owners) opt for Luton Van

Inside Meansuments : Loading area

19,6 cubic meters (m3)

Lenght : 4.50m / 14.91 ft

Height : 2.20m / 7.26 ft

Width : 1.98m / 6.59 ft

3.5 tonne Luton van weight limits

Weight limitations vary slightly between specific manufacturers and models of the Luton van, 
but the load limit for a 3.5T Luton van 
fall between 1,000kgs and 1,300kgs. 

If you are hiring a Luton van, the hire company 
will be able to tell you the weight restrictions, 
but it is always a good idea to check for yourself. 
There are reasons why vans have weight limits, 
and you don't want to be caught breaking the law.


The main reason for weight limits in vans and trucks is to ensure the vehicle's safety is not compromised by carrying too much. Heavy loads can affect the handling and braking capacities, so limits are in place to ensure driving safety.

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